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About Greenleaf Alternative Solutions

With over a decade of expertise, Green Leaf Alternative Solutions has been at the vanguard of the renewable and alternative energy landscape. Our experienced professionals are committed to advancing with the evolving demands of the industry, providing innovative solutions that ensure sustainable and efficient power systems. We select only the most durable and reliable products, upholding the highest standards of quality. Our in-house team of experts and technicians is dedicated to delivering exceptional backup service and technical support, ensuring customer satisfaction at every turn.

Green Leaf Solar Solutions, a specialized division of Green Leaf Alternative Solutions, focuses on harnessing the sun’s energy to empower our clients with clean, cost-effective power. Our meticulous approach to solar installations is matched by our commitment to using tried-and-tested products that promise long service life. We take pride in our exceptional backup services and the expertise of our in-house support team, including certified engineers and technicians. Adhering to the highest standards, we are a certified PV Green Card installer, ensuring that our installations are safe and compliant with all regulations, embodying the best of solar technology.

Green Leaf Energy Solutions, a division of Green Leaf Alternative Solutions, designs and manages advanced microgrid systems for clients with specific power needs. Our engineers create self-sufficient, reliable energy ecosystems by integrating renewables, storage, and intelligent controls. We offer flexible Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), allowing clients to benefit from clean energy without upfront costs. Through PPAs, we handle investment and operations, while clients enjoy uninterrupted power, mitigating risks of grid instabilities and load shedding. Our turnkey solutions provide energy independence, enhanced power quality, and a reduced carbon footprint, with comprehensive support ensuring a stable, sustainable, and efficient energy supply.

Our Footprint

Green Leaf has established a solid presence within South Africa, fostering a portfolio of diverse energy projects. Our operations extend into the SADC region and beyond, where we deliver reliable and advanced energy solutions.

Driven by innovation and eco-efficiency, we’re committed to expanding our reach, providing tailored energy systems that support the growth and operational advancement of businesses in various markets across Africa.

Accreditations & Expertise

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