Winter is coming!

March 31, 2015

Winter is upon us, is your home ready for those chilly South African nights?

Here are some Green Leaf options to consider to warm up your household:

Water based underfloor heating

Water-based under floor heating is the most economical way to heat your home. It is far more of an environmentally friendly choice compared to electrical under floor heating. This product has become an extremely popular choice for home and business owners around the world.

How it works:

A series of pipes connected to your boiler circulate warm water throughout the floor to heat the space

  • Efficient energy source
– An under floor heating system works very well with the water supply being at a low temperature.
  • Space-saving – 
Heaters and radiators are often unnecessary with the application of an under floor heating system.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – 
Your space will look uncluttered, as there are no heating elements.
  • Reduced energy consumption
 – An under floor heating system approaches the most ideal heat distribution.
    Self-regulating operation
 – Under floor heating has a self-regulating effect with regard to the room temperature. This is due to the fact that the heat emission is directly determined by the difference between the room temperature on the one hand and the floor temperature on the other

Solar water heating

Solar water heating systems use free heat from the sun to warm your domestic water.

  • Evacuated Tube Heat Pipe Solar Collector Technology is one of the world’s most cutting edge technologies when it comes to solar water heating panels.
  • Combining the incredible insulating properties of a vacuum with the latest technology in selective absorptive coatings this product offers the highest thermal output even under the worst of weather conditions.
  • The round absorber area provides for passive solar tracking ensuring a very optimal and even thermal output from sunrise to sundown.

How it works

  • A small pump is used to transfer the water throughout the system.
  • The solar collector gathers energy from the sun (thermal and infrared).
  • The heat pipe transfers the heat to the manifold by a very simple method. The copper heat pipe is hollow and contains a small amount of fluid. The hollow center of the heat pipe is a vacuum, so that even at temperatures of around 30C the fluid will vaporize (boil). The vapor rises to the tip (condenser) of the heat pipe where the heat is transferred to the water flowing through the manifold. This heat transfer causes the vapor to condense and flow back down the heat pipe where the process is once again repeated.
  • The heated water is then exchanged in the storage tank and the process is repeated until the water is at the desired temperature.

The Controller will control and monitor the process as well as use a back up element when needed.

Heat pumps

Eco-friendly heat pumps are an efficient and renewable source of energy, which can heat your home and also provide your residence with hot water. These systems are easy to install and function by taking heat from the outside air and turn it into energy. Heat pumps operate like a refrigerator in the way that it takes the warm air into the pump and leaves the cold. This is a process that makes a significant amount more energy than it actually uses. The only purpose for electricity is to run the fan, compressor and to heat. The main energy source used is the sun.

Eco-friendly insulation and glass

Modern homes should make use of advanced insulation techniques that assist in maintaining the inside temperature. Through the use of insulation barriers such as polystyrene in the walls and floors and effective insulation in the roof, one is able to make sure that the energy that is required to keep the ambient temperature in the house comfortable is not lost to the elements.

Modern products such as double pane low emission glass for windows and glass facades carry 80% of the thermal properties of double-glazing, without the hefty price tag attached. This means that the one of the biggest culprits for energy loss can be managed in an easy, cost effective way.

Don’t wait until you are freezing your buns off! Call us for a quote today!

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