Water Shortages

September 29, 2016

The City of Johannesburg has been ordered by the department of Water and Sanitation to immediately reduce water usage by 15%.  While Level 2 water restrictions have been in effect since November 2015, the City of Johannesburg has now introduced a water restriction tariff on users which began September 5th, 2016.

Why is this happening?

Water levels have dropped below the threshold level of 60% in the Vaal River System and the Vaal River itself is now below 35%!  This has been caused by a number of factors such as: draught, heat and climate change.

Existing Level Two water restrictions include:

  • Not watering or irrigating your garden between 06h00 and 18h00 (only hand held watering devices are permitted within these hours).
  • Not to fill your swimming pool with municipal water.
  • Not to use hose pipes to clean your car.

*If borehole water is being used this must be clearly advertised by the property owner.


Did you know that over 40% of water used in Gauteng is for personal gardening use?  By adhering to the above rules the City of Johannesburg hopes to cut back this high usage.  Should the above rules not be obeyed tariffs have been implemented.

The tariffs are as follows:

  • 10% extra on consumption between 20,000 liters and 30,000 liters
  • 20% extra on consumption between 30,000 liters and 40,000 liters.
  • 30% extra on consumption above 40,000 liters.

Panicking about water restrictions and tariffs? Don’t let the water restrictions dictate your watering schedule.

Invest in a borehole pump or grey water recycling system and water your way and on your own schedule!

Should the City of Johannesburg not reduce its demand by 15% the city will be facing shortages.

The good news!

With the rainy season upon us, it costs nothing to collect and utilize rainwater.  Invest in a back up tank. Alternatively install a borehole and invest in a solar pumping system. Or better yet, recycle your grey water with a grey water recycling system!

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