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The interesting life and works of Nikola Tesla

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Tesla

He was a genius with a mind that was far ahead of the era that he lived in. A man who thought up the idea for the smartphone. And yet he died relatively unknown in 1943; poor and missing all accolades for his work. But that changed dramatically after his death.

Nikola Tesla is today a well-known name, praised for his ingenious inventions, and many of which have become mainstream, and those who admire his contribution to our world continues to grow. Much of his work has affected our lives in some way or another and his inventions are still used to this day. One of the biggest nods he has received is from the famous company Tesla (a design and manufacturing company), named after Nikola, which used one of his patents to build a car.

An early interest in inventing

Nikola Tesla came from a humble background. Born in what is today known as Croatia on the 10th of July 1856. As one of 5 children, he was raised by a mother who was something of an inventor herself. His mother nurtured his interests and later in life he would credit her genes for his creativity. As a child, it was discovered that he had an eidetic memory which helped when it came to his incessant desire to create new and useful electric contraptions. But while he was a brilliant student, his time at university was afflicted by a gambling addiction which resulted in him not obtaining his degree.


Although he was an inventor in his home country, it wasn’t until he moved to America and worked with Thomas Edison that his name started circulating among the public. Although his inventions would change the world, he would end up being a bad business man which meant that he lived his life in poverty.

His futuristic visions and ideas helped pave the way for a technology driven future. But how many Tesla inventions do you know of? And how many might you be using within your household that you weren’t even aware were his design?

The famous Tesla inventions you might not have heard of

“I don’t care that they stole my idea, I care that they don’t have any of their own.”- Tesla

There are many inventions in the Tesla list of accomplishments, and many of them you might not be aware of. Here is a list of the most notable inventions we have to thank Tesla for:

  • He invented the modern alternating current electricity system which proved to be more efficient than the direct current system.
  • He is responsible for the Tesla coil which can turn energy into high voltage charge and has been used in televisions and radios.
  • That being said, he also played a massive role in the creation of the radio.
  • He was the pioneer of X-Ray technology as well as radar technology.
  • He is responsible for the creation of the electric motor, something made exceptionally popular by Tesla Motors.
  • Tesla is considered the first person to have come up with the idea of robots.
  • Finally, he is also the man who thought up wireless technology, which went side by side with his ideas for free energy.


Each day Tesla was utterly committed to making his inventions a success and he did this by working 15 hours a day and sleeping only 2 hours. He was considered to be a loner with no relationships and very few social interactions to speak of.

Apart from bringing his inventions to life, Tesla was also highly adept at predicting inventions of the future. While some of these inventions have become a recent reality, others are still in the distant future. His keen insight into the growth of technology and how things would work in the future led to his predicting the rise of these technological devices and appliances:

  • In 1926, Tesla envisioned the world with smartphone technology.
  • Cars that drive themselves. And 118 years later, this technology has been brought to life by the inventor Elon Musk of Tesla Motors.
  • Planes that would be able to fly without fuel. (With the recent successful flight of the world’s first solar-powered aircraft means that this idea has come to life).
  • The Death Ray. While it might sound like something from a comic book, this is an actual device and one that he hoped would bring an end to wars. Instead, the plans went missing, with the suspicion falling on the United States government.
  • He saw a future filled with flying cars.
  • Drone technology, another vision that has become a reality, is one of Tesla’s.

On a side note, although nothing to do with his pioneering inventions, Tesla also predicted that women would be equal to men in the future. In fact, he saw a future in which women would be far superior to men. Those were sure to have been interesting insights at the time.

Nikola Tesla looked forward to a future that relies on safer energy, the kind that would not do damage to the planet. His visions are coming to life and as we move towards a future of sustainable energy, the future his becoming a little clearer.

“It is quite evident, though, that this squandering cannot go on indefinitely, for geological investigations prove our fuel stores to be limited. So great has been the drain on them of late years that the spectre of exhaustion is looming up threateningly in the distance…” – Tesla

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