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7 Fun Facts about your Air Conditioning

Summer is well and truly upon us and with the heat bearing down on us, air conditioning in a necessity. Green Leaf Alternative Solutions offers reliable, energy efficient air conditioners in Pretoria. Spending the hot days indoors, with the cool air blowing from an air conditioner, makes getting through the summer a lot easier.

Most modern Pretoria offices are fit with air conditioners, but there are many interesting facts about air conditioners that you may not know about. The Americans are those who we have to thank for the modern air conditioners that we have today, and there have been countless innovations and inventions over the years to create the ideal cooling machine. For over 100 years air conditioners of all kinds have come and gone, but all of them have helped us get to the point of energy efficient air conditioning.

The 7 interesting facts you might not know about air cooling

  1. The movie theatre became very popular thanks to air conditioning

In 1917, air conditioners in homes and businesses were unheard of. But you could find them in movie theatres if you were living in the States. To escape the midday heat, people would flock to the movies to take full advantage of the cool air. Theatre owners bought into the appeal of going to the theatres to cool off by making sure that they marketed their air conditioners as part of the fun. Nowadays, we take our air conditioning for granted, but back in the day escaping the heat was a luxury.

  1. A giant fan

Even those living in the 1700’s sought to escape from the unpleasant summer heat. In 1736, air conditioning took on the most primal form of a gigantic fan in the British House of Commons. The fan was quite complex and required a person to manually keep it going. The person given the honour of working the fan, which meant hand cranking a blowing wheel, was given the title of the Ventilator. This man would be in charge of a 7-foot tall fan and kept those sitting in the House of Commons cooled down during their debates.

  1. An ice making machine

There are many ways to keep cool, even when you don’t have a fan or air conditioner. In 1851, the ice making machine was patented and the American invention would have been an instant hit. The problem was that ice had become an industry all on its own and with ice being transported from the northern parts of America; the machine was only to gain popularity later on.

  1. Innovations

With many inventions for cooling off being developed throughout the years, many were either slow to gain attention or never gained any attention at all. But there was one such invention that certainly gained attention and it was an ice machine which transformed a beer hall into an icy cold place to relax. The inside of the hall was turned ice cold and frost covered the pipes in the building. Needless to say, just about every person who visited, loved the idea of having a cooled off place to relax.

  1. The first home air conditioner

The first person to try out a home air conditioner was an anonymous American millionaire. He placed the air conditioner in his home in 1892 and a false wall was needed to hide the machine as it extended from the wall right into the ceiling.

With the summer sun high in the sky, having the right air conditioning in Pretoria or Johannesburg can make your summer more pleasant.
With the summer sun high in the sky, having the right air conditioning in Pretoria or Johannesburg can make your summer more pleasant.


  1. The first commercial air conditioners

Could you imagine the excitement of the people who were the first to have air conditioning installed in their workplaces? In 1899 and 1903, the first commercial sized cooling systems were placed in public areas and worked to keep the spaces cooled off while they would also serve to ventilate the rooms.

  1. The 1950’s boom

The 1950’s was the decade in which air conditioners became immensely popular. Within 3 years, over a million air conditioners designed as units to cool off rooms, had been sold. By 1998, over 6.2 million air conditioners had been sold in the USA and some were shipped to other places around the world.

You might look at your air conditioner in Pretoria and think that it is nothing special, but the system that you are looking at is the product of a century of ideas, innovations and hard work.

You can buy environmentally friendly air conditioners in Pretoria and Johannesburg from Green Leaf Alternative Solutions.


Energy efficient air conditioning: is it possible?

The short answer to this question is that of course it is possible to have energy efficient air conditioning.

It is all dependent on the type of air conditioning that you buy and the way that you use it. In this article, we are going to discuss the ways that you can save with your air conditioning.

Not only does Pretoria have very hot summers, but all of those massive buildings are oftentimes notorious for not letting in enough air. So many living and working in the city rely on air conditioning, both at the workplace and at home. Not only does air conditioning cool off the heat and provide some fresh air, but for companies that have plenty of computers running all day and night, an air conditioner can be incredibly important for keeping the company going.

But air conditioners can be very expensive to run when you are relying on them for hours at a time. For this reason, you are unlikely to be the only one in Pretoria who is searching for energy efficient air conditioning. Energy efficient air conditioning is able to save up to 70% of the energy needed to power the normal air conditioner, and this means that money is going to be saved.

Before there was air conditioning

Before we had air conditioning, humans had to adapt to their surrounds and change their habits so that they didn’t overheat in the intensity of the summer heat. Most times, the midday heat would drive people to the shelter of their homes, where they would relax away from the heat until it was cool enough for them to come out and work again. But these days are certainly long gone.

Today, business rules. And any time not spent working during the average week will mean money lost. And while fans have in the past provided some reprise from the heat, air conditioning is the real winner in the battle against the heat. Energy efficient air conditioning is not only going to save your money but it will also go a long way towards saving the environment. As it uses less energy, fewer harmful pollutants will be let loose into the environment.

The costs of air conditioning

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Investing in an energy efficient air conditioner can help you save power and contribute to a greener society.
Investing in an energy efficient air conditioner can help you save power and contribute to a greener society.

The conventional air conditioners have a number of hidden costs and many of them you might not even realise are there. The costs that we are talking about are not related to price, even the first thing you might think about when you see the word costs would be money. Air conditioners, those often found in older buildings in Pretoria, that are not eco-friendly and energy efficient are going to cost the environment as their often heavy duty uses will mean more burning of fossil fuels. Here are a few of the costs that you should consider:

  • The ecological costs

The very thing that is responsible for keeping air conditioners running is also responsible for causing some serious damage to the ozone layer. As the world is heating up with global warming, people are turning up their air conditioning to keep cool. Sadly this very effect is causing further damage to the environment as more fossil fuels are being burned.

  • The social costs

Being fully dependent on the cool provided by air conditioners contributes to people not getting outdoors more during the days when it is very hot. People end up walking less and spending more time indoors. This means that for some people there can be social costs involved with having air conditioning.

  • The financial costs

One of the biggest costs related to an air conditioning system is the financial one. Often a business will let their system run for all hours of the day and night, especially in those places that do not have fresh air coming in. And during the summer months, the price of running the air conditioner will be pushed up even more so. When you are opting for a more eco-friendly option then you are guaranteed to be saving your money as your air conditioner will be using less power than before.

How you can contribute to making your air conditioner more energy efficient

There are a number of things that you can do for your home to help make your air conditioner more energy efficient. While having an eco-friendly air conditioner is a great way to save money and energy, by doing these few things you can have an even more efficient air conditioning system.

  • Take into consideration that you need to make sure that your air conditioning is appropriate to the size of your home. You will also need to take into consideration the size of your rooms and how many people are living in the home.
  • Proper maintenance is needed for you to make sure that your air conditioning is not wasting energy somewhere. Many homeowners don’t do proper maintenance on their air conditioners and end up spending more money than usual to keep their home or business cooled off.
  • It might seem like a competitive partnership, but by pairing your air conditioning with ceiling fans, you will be contributing to the efficiency of your cooling system. Fans will push the cool air throughout the home and since they are not a drain on your electricity, you will not be wasting your money.
  • If your home or business has lots of windows, that intense summer heat is going to pour in and heat up the building tremendously. When this happens you might want to turn up your air conditioner to keep things cool, and then end up wasting energy. For this reason, it is important to have shades in your windows when you want to lower the cost of your air conditioning.

With the right air conditioner, your summer is going to be a cooled off, pleasant season. And you won’t have to worry about spending any extra money. At Green Leaf Alternative Solutions, we have a range of energy efficient systems that will have you noticeably saving money. As a Green Technology contractor, we can transform your household or business, turning it into an energy saving haven.


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