Achieve a more sustainable lifestyle using technology to enhance your security, comfort and convenience. Investing in efficient and sustainable solutions to increase self-dependence is the future as the world becomes more connected but decentralized.

Countries around the world are experiencing energy and water issues. The situation is especially problematic in South Africa.

Drought and energy mismanagement is leading to instability in water and energy supply. South Africans shouldn’t only invest in sustainable energy solutions for the cost savings, but as a necessary change in mindset and lifestyle for long term sustainability for our future generations.

South Africa experiences some of the highest irradiation levels in the world. This translates to massive solar potential at our fingertips to be harnessed through the use of technologies such as Photovoltaic and Solar thermal energy solutions.

While we face the future with great uncertainty, there are reliable solutions available. Products such as the Tesla Powerwall, StorEdge™ Inverter, and MyAir systems are just some of the exciting options available. Green Leaf offers innovative technology that seamlessly fits in your home.

Improve your lifestyle and invest with Green Leaf

A Seamless and Convenient Lifestyle

Green Leaf offers leading technologies and solutions  that work together to create smart holistic spaces.  Green Leaf untilizes the best technology available and maintains quality through our relationships with highly regarded product manufactures, not only in South Africa but internationally.  We believe in complete, functional and professional solutions delivered to the highest standards through sound design and implementation. ,resulting in the total solution to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Home automation or domotics

is the automation for a home or business, also referred to as a “smart home” or “smart building”.  Home automation allows the control of lighting, blinds, energy consumption, smart metering, sound, video, security, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).  A wide range of devices, appliances or other IOT devices can be controlled/monitored from one system or interface. The smart home/building is controlled conveniently from any device through an app or web page which can be accessed from anywhere over the internet.  

Systems tailored to your needs, that work from day one

Design Escapes

Green Leaf Alternative Solutions offers clients a variety of Green building services and products. 

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