South Africa’s “Power Crisis”

October 4, 2014

It is no secret that South Africa has and is facing many problems in the power sector.  Demand for electricity in South Africa is far exceeding the supply available which often results in load shedding by Eskom. The majority of South Africa’s electricity is generated by coal and although we live in a water-scarce country this form of power generation still requires copious amounts of water to make this process work.  Eskom uses a staggering 10,000 litres of water every second, which equates to the amount of water a single South African needs within a year, yet there are still millions of South Africans without access to clean water.

This leaves South Africans to ponder the questions: How do I prepare and prevent my household and business from outrageous electrical bills, unpredictable power cuts and water shortages? Green Leaf Alternative Solutions have fantastic products available to offer to homeowners and businesses that are looking to lower their monthly bills or even get off the power grid entirely!

Let’s break it down into 3 options:

Option 1: Grid-Tied System

This system uses PV panels to generate power.  This power goes to a grid interactive (grid-tied) inverter that converts the power into a power that is compatible with the grid.  The power from the PV panels goes (via the grid tie inverter) to supply the household power needs.  If the system is generating more power than the house can use, the excess is sent out over the grid to supply others.  If the house needs more power than the system can supply, then the extra is drawn from the grid as usual.

Green Leaf special pricing: R85,000 for full installation

Option 2: Grid-Interactive with Battery Backup

A grid interactive system basically operates like a grid-tied system when the grid is up, but it also charges a set of batteries.  If the grid goes down, the inverter disconnects from the grid but continues to supply power to the house from the batteries and inverter — essentially behaving like an off-grid system when the grid is down.

Green Leaf special pricing (14kw): R115,000 for full installation

Option 3: Off-Grid System

Off-Grid systems are independent of the utility power grid.  They generate electricity, store it, and make it available for use without any connection to the power grid. Off-Grid systems use PV panels connected to a Charge Controller to charge a set of batteries.  The stored energy from the batteries is usually converted to regular 120 volt, AC power by an inverter.  But, some small systems just use the DC power directly from the batteries. 

Prices vary – contact us directly

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