Our team was very pleased to hear that South Africa’s renewable energy program has been set to restart this year

April 18, 2018

The conclusion of 27 outstanding power purchase agreements for three years, which include wind, solar photovoltaic and concentrated solar power should be finalized in the next couple of months.

Progress in the South African renewable energy field has been admittedly slow, but the past few weeks have been extremely encouraging for the country.

Eskom has finally decided to sign agreements with 27 renewable energy projects involving R56bn in capital expenditure.

The projects will add 2 305 megawatts of local electricity capacity and are expected to enter into commercial operation by 2020.

This exciting initiative will provide 61 600 full-time jobs for South Africans and will immediately ensure a R2.7bn investment in the South African economy.

The programme largely grounded to a halt when Eskom refused to sign further agreements about two years ago, citing financial woes. The decision put the skids on the programme and renewable investment flowing into the country.  However, with a bit of a reshuffle it seems energy is back and ready to be implemented!

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