Home Automation Systems: Smart homes are the future

February 25, 2017

Smart homes are increasingly becoming the best possible option when you are looking for a system that is able to both boost the security of your home while also making life a whole lot more convenient. Many modern homes have a home automation system installed, turning the ordinary home into an intelligent home.

While home security automation can be a big deciding factor when choosing a system, the “automation house” can become so much more than just a secure place for your family.

What is a home automation system?

Home automation is not a new concept but it is one of the more interesting developments in the world of smart home technology. When we talk about home automation, we’re talking about those features of the home that can be controlled using electric or automated systems. Some of the components of a home that has an automation system installed include centralising security by controlling the locks on all of the doors in the home and gates on the property, having control over various appliances, control over the homes lighting, control over the CCTV system as well as control over the heating or cooling of the home.

What are the benefits of home automation?

As you can imagine, smart home technology comes with numerous benefits. An increase in the ease with which you can take full control over your home is one of the biggest benefits that you can expect from intelligent home systems. You can easily arrange your entire automation system using your favourite devices such as your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

But easy use is not the only benefit that you will have to look forward to. With your smart home automation you can also expect:

  1. To add a new level of safety and security to your home. Home automation and security systems are synonymous and together can make a remarkable improvement to your security. Turning on lights, with the tap of a finger, before you arrive at your home can be a crime deterrent. But it is not just a great feature for security against crime. With a home automation system, you can also double-check that all of your appliances are turned off when you leave home in the morning.
  2. Automated door locks are the next big feature, and a great benefit, that comes with having a home automated system. Home automation can give you control over your door locks, which can be a great use should you accidently forget to lock up when you leave in the morning to go to work. If you can simply lock your doors by tapping your smartphone device, tablet, or with a click of your mouse, you will be able to focus on your work instead of spending your day worrying. You will also be alerted whenever someone enters your home which allows you to monitor your security.
  3. Security cameras are another part of the home automation system and they are the best eyes you could have in your home. You will easily be able to see what is happening in your home with intelligent home systems and you will also be able to keep recorded clips of the goings on in your home.
  4. With home automation systems, you can adjust the temperature within your home. This applies to underfloor heating as well as cooling air conditioning. This means that your house can be heated or cooled before you arrive home.
  5. Home automation can aid in the energy efficiency of your home. Having precise control over the power used in your home as well as having control over the temperature can ensure that your home is more energy efficient. This is why smart homes are a part of the appliances that you can use to be more environmentally conscious in your home. Depending on the system that you have in your home, your smart system can suggest the settings that will be the most energy efficient.

Smart home technology is continuously developing which means that once you have such a system installed, you can benefit from the latest developments for years to come. Green Leaf Alternative Solutions offers home automation installations for existing homes as well as new developments.

Home automation systems are the way of the future!
Home automation systems are the way of the future!

Home lighting automation

Having full control over your lighting is a benefit that comes with intelligent homes. The light control system for the home is not only wonderfully convenient but the value of your home can also be increased when you have such a system installed.

A light system for your home will enable you to turn the lights on or off from a remote location. Not only does lighting home automation increase your home’s security, it is also a great way to save energy. Your system will alert you when there are lights left on in the house and you will be able to turn them off wherever you are.

Automated lighting control systems are designed to work alongside other Green energy systems when they have been designed to comply with Green building standards. While with your standard lighting, you need to turn on each light individually; with this lighting, you have a smart light switch which can control every light in the home using just one device. This is what makes having automated lighting such a convenience in the home.

You can make your home fully automated and enjoy all of the benefits that come with having remote control over your security and your lighting. Home automation systems are the future for all homes and you can have your own intelligent system from Green Leaf Alternative Solutions.


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