Climate Change

January 10, 2016

Climate change is an enormous environmental crisis. Global warming has caused a rise of the average temperature that has resulted in the melting of polar ice, an increase of the mean sea level, more extreme weather conditions and natural disasters such as droughts, floods, and hurricanes.  We have been witnessing Global Warming first hand here in Southern Africa with the recent drought due to lack of rainfall.  This is a real problem that needs real solutions.  Economists are predicting a further decrease in the South African Rand’s value, an increase in food pricing and other daunting economic issues to hit South Africa hard in 2016.

Economists and Scientists have also pointed out the correlation between Global Warming and the current moral and political challenges across the globe.  Environmental activists and leaders involved in the fight against climate change such as Prince Charles, Bill Gates and John Kerry have voiced their concerns on this issue and are doing everything in their power to bring the attention to these issues that it deserves.

What can we all do in our personal capacity to slow and even halt the process of global warming?  You can start by reducing your carbon foot print!

Energy saving products can not only decrease your monthly bills but can also assist in rescuing the earth from it’s present fate.  Browse our website for a full product list of exciting technologies that can assist you in getting your carbon footprint as small as possible.

Here are 5 ways to reduce your carbon footprint RIGHT NOW!

  1. Choose renewable energy. Pick a Green energy supplier that generates power from wind, solar energy and other clean resources. Have a look at your electricity bill to see if you are able to support renewable energy and lower your electricity bill.
  2. Drive less. Rather choose alternatives like biking, walking and public transit. By doing this it means less driving time, which is less money spent on gas and less pollution in the air. Consider car pooling or invest in fuel efficient vehicles (like a Prius or smart car!).
  3. Weatherize your home. Cooling and heating consumes up to 40% of your energy in the home. Use alternatives to become more energy efficient. Make sure your home is well sealed and insulated.  You can do this by investing in double glazing, quality insulation and energy efficient air conditioners.
  4. Fly less. Consider other options such as trains, busses etc.  Or make use of Skype and stay in touch with people via video conferencing.
  5. Eat wisely. Avoid processed items. Buy organic foods. Start your own garden and grow your own vegetables!  Try to cut down your meat intake.

Remember actions speak louder than words!  Let’s all pitch in and tackle this Global Warming issue together.

As time goes by we have witnessed the world become more globalized and united.  This is thanks to social media, the internet and easier access to global transit.  A more integrated world community means that the environmental issues affecting one corner of the globe will ultimately affect us all.  Let’s work together to solve this crisis!

Thanks again to our feature writer, Cora Van Niekerk for her content and visual contribution to this month’s newsletter.  We would like to wish Cora all the best in her final year of Honors in Marketing with the University of the Free State.


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