By David Falkenberg

Custom built Lithium power pole batteries

The components of Solar installations, and in particular, the batteries; are a soft target for criminals. Storing the battery inside the pole puts it out of sight of opportunistic criminals, as well as making it difficult to steal. Lithium batteries are the new standard in Energy Storage. They’re lighter, smaller, longer-lasting and more efficient than

By David Falkenberg

Our team was very pleased to hear that South Africa’s renewable energy program has been set to restart this year

The conclusion of 27 outstanding power purchase agreements for three years, which include wind, solar photovoltaic and concentrated solar power should be finalized in the next couple of months. 

By Leigh-Anne Harber

Home Automation Systems: Smart homes are the future

Smart homes are increasingly becoming the best possible option when you are looking for a system that is able to both boost the security of your home while also making life a whole lot more convenient. Many modern homes have a home automation system installed, turning the ordinary home into an intelligent home. While home

By Leigh-Anne Harbe

2017 might be the year that solar power becomes cheaper than coal

2017 is already shaping up to be an interesting year, especially in the renewable energy industry. One of the reasons that this year is going to make a memorable impact is because it is predicted that in some countries, renewable energy, solar power, in particular, is set to become cheaper than burning coal. This could

By Leigh-Anne Harber

Make 2017 your Greenest year yet in 7 Simple steps

It just takes a few simple lifestyle changes to turn your world Green. While installing solar panels or energy efficient air conditioning in your home or business, you can make a remarkable difference in how much you spend each month, but there are also a few other things you can do. 7 Easy Ways to

By Leigh-Anne Harber

Google will be 100% Green in 2017

2017 looks to be a big year for Going Green. Recently the internet’s biggest search engine announced that it had plans to go 100% Green in 2017. Using only Green energy, such as solar power provided through various solar solutions and wind power through the use of wind farms, Google is setting an example that

By Leigh-Anne Harber

Should you buy a real Christmas tree or a fake one?

When the time comes to start decorating the home for Christmas, the tree is always the center of attention.  However, when you are committed to a Green lifestyle, it can be difficult to choose between buying a real Christmas tree or a fake. The dilemma of cutting down a tree can be just as difficult 

By Leigh-Anne Harber

The Arctic is changing faster than we think

The Arctic Circle encompasses the northern most part of the world. It is surrounded by ocean and shared between 8 countries, with Russia and Norway having 2 of the biggest communities living within the area. Although it is only around 17 662 KM, this part of the world plays an exceptionally important role, not only as

By Green Leaf

Solar installation at Waterfall Country Estate – November 2016

We are so pleased to share the recent photographs of a solar geyser installation for Mr and Mrs Bell in Waterfall Country Estate.

By Leigh-Anne Harber

3 clever ideas every country can implement to combat climate change

This year has been a record one in terms of climate change. Many of the records broken have been a terrible example of how the climate is changing.  However, there have been many positive developments in the fight against climate change. In 2016, we have seen some of the highest investments made towards using clean

By Leigh-Anne Harber

7 Fun Facts about your Air Conditioning

Summer is well and truly upon us and with the heat bearing down on us, air conditioning in a necessity. Green Leaf Alternative Solutions offers reliable, energy efficient air conditioners in Pretoria. Spending the hot days indoors, with the cool air blowing from an air conditioner, makes getting through the summer a lot easier. Most

By Leigh-Anne Harber

These energy efficient communities are changing the world!

From the world’s biggest cities to the smallest villages, a wave of Green thinking is taking place. Not only is climate change real but it is also changing the way that we approach energy. By accessing your electricity through solar panels or by undertaking water harvesting, you will not only be helping the planet and

By Leigh-Anne Harber

Evidence from NASA tells us that climate change is not only real, but imminent

Climate change is one of the biggest debates of our time, and as with all important debates, the opinions are split into two camps. One camp believes that climate change is a fallacy, something made up to induce fear, while the other camp is looking at the science behind the opinion and seeing the reality

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