Our team was very pleased to hear that South Africa’s renewable energy program has been set to restart this year

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The conclusion of 27 outstanding power purchase agreements for three years, which include wind, solar photovoltaic and concentrated solar power should be finalized in the next couple of months. Progress in the South African renewable energy field has been admittedly slow, but the past few weeks have been extremely encouraging for the country. Eskom has [...]

Top 10 Green Bloggers of 2018

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With almost any set task or goal in life, we often need that extra boost of inspiration to keep ourselves on track.  It’s no different when you’re consistently trying to maintain stellar eco-warrior status in your home or business.  In 2018, there are hundreds of suggestions and creative ideas online to help individuals become more [...]

Home Automation Systems: Smart homes are the future

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Smart homes are increasingly becoming the best possible option when you are looking for a system that is able to both boost the security of your home while also making life a whole lot more convenient. Many modern homes have a home automation system installed, turning the ordinary home into an intelligent home. While home [...]

4 facts about climate change that Donald Trump cannot deny

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In the run up to the election of the 45th president of the United States of America, climate change was at the top of the agenda. The subject was a part of nearly every debate that took place in the heated election race and many scientists started expressing concerns about the rhetoric coming from [...]

Underfloor heating: The more energy efficient option for your home

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When living in a cooler area, having underfloor heating is the most economical and environmentally friendly way to heat your home. As an alternative to electrical underfloor heating, water-based underfloor heating presents those who want to live a Greener lifestyle the option of having a Green heating method. Seeing as we spend most of our [...]

Welcome rain brings some relief to drought stricken SA

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Although the drought is not completely over, recent rains have brought relief to those areas of South Africa where a lack of rain has been a growing concern. While the Western Cape is still in the midst of a drought, the interior and the eastern parts of the country have received heavy rains from the [...]

Converting carbon dioxide into baking soda using carbon capture

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In Chennai, India, an interesting way to combat rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere is underway. Carbon is being captured using a new process in a coal-fired power plant. This process is being undertaken by a chemical manufacturer known as Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals and Fertilizers and they are using this process to produce soda [...]

2017’s Interesting Energy Innovations

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Just as 2016 was a landmark year for renewable energy, 2017 looks to be even more important for this growing industry. Innovation is going to be the renewable energy trend in 2017 and we are likely to see some very interesting developments that will have the power to change the way that we look at [...]

What to expect from solar systems in 2017

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The past few years have been hugely successful for solar power. Homes and businesses alike have benefited from having solar systems installed, and the environment has benefited from the use of this clean energy. The industry itself has seen a massive drop in the price of solar panels, even though the community has not been [...]

2017 might be the year that solar power becomes cheaper than coal

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2017 is already shaping up to be an interesting year, especially in the renewable energy industry. One of the reasons that this year is going to make a memorable impact is because it is predicted that in some countries, renewable energy, solar power, in particular, is set to become cheaper than burning coal. This could [...]