The Arctic is changing faster than we think

December 18, 2016

The Arctic Circle encompasses the northern most part of the world. It is surrounded by ocean and shared between 8 countries, with Russia and Norway having 2 of the biggest communities living within the area. Although it is only around 17 662 KM, this part of the world plays an exceptionally important role, not only as an ecological environment home to unique animals species and but also for the social role that it plays in the livelihood of those who live there.

The Arctic is the climate regulator that the planet depends on.

The Arctic Ocean is arguably the most important ocean on the planet, with its icy waters and colossal glaciers acting as climate regulators. However, over time, the Arctic has warmed causing a detrimental effect on the planet.  Some of the effects of disappearing Arctic ice include the fact that the amount of the sun energy deflected back into space has been reduced, causing more fresh water to be released into the salty surrounding oceans.  This, in turn, has contributed to a rise in sea levels.  As the ice thaws, more greenhouse gases are released.  There is also the problem with the rise in ocean temperatures due to the currents not been cooled off by the Arctic ice, a problem that will affect weather patterns.

According to the latest reports, the polar ice is melting a lot faster than anticipated.  The environmental change that the region is currently undergoing is not only affecting the impact of climate change but will directly affect over 4 million lives in the arctic area.

The Arctic Resilience Report

It's not just human life that is under threat. The Arctic is home to numerous animal species facing extinction.
It’s not just human life that is under threat. The Arctic is home to numerous animal species facing extinction.

Scientists have been warning people for many years about the impending climate change and the impact that a melted Arctic will have on the world.  In the Arctic Resilience Report, the research showed that the change within the Arctic was happening far faster than anticipated and that this acceleration in the changes would result in a rapid change in the eco-system with a direct impact on the lives of those who live in the region.

“This ground-breaking report, based on direct evidence from case studies across the circumpolar Arctic, is an unprecedented effort to gain insight from what is happening on the ground in the region’s social-ecological systems,” Joel Clement, the Director of the Office of Policy Analysis at the U.S. Department of the Interior and co-chair of the Arctic Resilience Report Project Steering Committee said in a statement.

The impact of humans

The reason for the melting ice is without a doubt global warming.  While the Earth has always experienced climate change to a degree, the onslaught this current climate change is unlike anything the Earth has experienced before, especially since the change is mostly man made.  The acceleration of the climate change has caused the effects to be devastating and noticeable with the impact already being felt in our lifetime.

One of the biggest changes brought on by climate change, which will be felt sooner than all of the other changes, is going to be on the way of life for those in the Arctic region.  People who live in the Arctic are known for their adaptability and their resilience when it comes to living in one of the toughest areas in the world, but it is questionable as to whether or not their way of life will be able to survive this level of climate change.

Reversing and slowing the effects of climate change will start with trying to undo or slow the damage that is happening in the Arctic circle.

You can make a difference by committing to a Green lifestyle.  By installing solar panels (PV System), solar geysers and efficient water management systems you can decrease the size of your carbon footprint juristically.  Contact Green Leaf Alternative Solutions today and change the way you use your precious resources!


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