An alternative solution to load shedding

February 5, 2015

2015 Load Shedding has begun! Are you prepared?

Generators, Inverters, and many more solutions are available immediately through Green Leaf Alternative Solutions.

South Africa is facing its worst power crisis since 2008. As the country’s struggling power utility battles to cope with demand for electricity, millions face the reality of at least 3 years of load shedding ahead of them. The blame has been pushed in many different directions ranging from bankruptcy, municipalities not paying their bills, seasonal problems, collapsing coal silos and South African history. The truth is, that over the years, in an environment of strained capacity, our nations power entity has avoided critical maintenance in order to simply just “keep the lights on”. The chance of a total grid collapse that would leave South Africans in total darkness for a range of a few days to weeks is no longer a fairy tale; it is an unfortunate and scary reality.

Since the recent re-introduction of load shedding began mid last year, South Africans are learning to check the weekly load shedding schedule as one would regularly check the weather. “There is a medium probability of load shedding today and tomorrow, with a higher probability on Thursday and Friday,” said a recent Eskom tweet. (Kambayashi, 2015)

Residents are learning how to live in the dark. From coming up with creative recipes one can make without electricity, to learning how to stay entertained in the dark, we are all preparing ourselves for a part-time lifestyle without electricity.

This is the unfortunate reality for all reliant on this countries main power source. Should South Africans choose to stick with it and ride out the crisis this will be the hard truth they will be facing for years to come.

It is now the individual South Africans job to get proactive and ensure their home or business is geared for even the worst of situations (such as a total grid collapse). Home and business owners should begin to look into the potential of alternative green solutions to solve their load-shedding woes and potentially get rid of monthly electricity bills completely.

Imagine owning a home or business that never received a monthly power bill again? Imagine owning a home or business that was completely self-sufficient by relying on the natural environment around them? This is no longer a daydream but a reality that many South Africans can easily achieve!

Fortunately, the costs of solar power-generating and water management solutions to the public have decreased dramatically. It is also now possible to find solutions that will return your investment in a relatively short period of time. When it comes to combating load shedding there are many realistic solutions available to the average home or business owner to suit almost every taste and budget.

Derek Watts, a Carte Blanche presenter recently presented a story on the power situation in South Africa. “Doing the Off the Grid story for Carte Blanche, I met families who were sitting smugly watching DStv in their LED-lit homes during blackouts. No noisy generator, no UPS, just solar PV panels, solar geysers and wide smiles. Right now it is still not a cheaper option to be entirely off the grid. But with Eskom increases inevitable as the gas turbines work overtime, and green technology becoming more efficient annually, we’re getting very close to the tipping point.” (Watts, 2015)

There has never been a better time to start to actively ‘go green’ and it is important to make sure that all the solutions that you opt for work in unison. Select a green energy provider that can offer you a fully comprehensive solution rather than just single options. This ensures that the overall green solutions for your household is optimized and works as seamlessly as possible.

Green Leaf Alternative Solutions, a Johannesburg based company can help you with all of the above. The energetic team is geared and passionate about helping individual South Africans go green. Green Leaf can help people meet their individual needs and achieve a greener life when it comes to solar energies, water management, home automation, and so much more.

Why not visit the Green Leaf Centre showroom, speak with a Green Energy Consultant and view their exciting Green products?

For more information call +27 11 705 2427, visit the showroom at 36 Karee Lane, Kyalami or visit the website our Frequently Asked Questions Section.
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