Agriculture, Commercial and Industrial:

Our team of experienced engineers can help your business acquire reliable power, reduce its carbon footprint and save your company money.

Below is an example of one of our commercial projects as well as some of our larger options. We are highly experienced in the following sectors:

– Agriculture and Farming   – Residential Developments   – Industrial (Manufacturing)   – Commercial (Office parks and warehouses).

An example of one of our many Commercial Projects

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Agriculture, Commercial and Industrial:

These solutions are best suited for large scale applications. However, we can begin with a system as small as 250Kw and expand until all your power needs are met.

Containers can fit Inverters from 250Kw – 1MW in a single container with varying battery backup (up to 2.4MWh depending on brand).

Containers will be installed in parallel to meet the desired size of the solution.

Applications and Benefits

  • Grid-tied or off-grid
  • Load-shifting and peak-shaving
  • Power factor correction
  • Backup


  • Inverter
  • High-voltage lithium-ion battery pack
  • BMS (battery management system)
  • RMaC (remote monitoring and control)

Components continued

  • HVAC
  • Fire suppression and access control
  • UPS and emergency stop
  • Internal electrical distribution

Systems tailored to your needs, that work from day one

Design Escapes

Green Leaf Alternative Solutions offers clients a variety of Green building services and products. 

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