10 ways to stay entertained when the power goes out!

February 5, 2015

Don’t let Load Shedding get you down.  Here’s a fun list of things you can do!

You’ll need to prepare yourself with a few things in advance in order to use this list:

  • A flashlight or two.
  • Batteries.
  • Candles.
  • Battery powered radio and/or a fully charged iPod.
  • If you’re anticipating a power outage, invite over your friends and neighbors. Groups = more fun, less panic.
  • Having a cat to snuggle with is optional, but desirable.
  1. If you have a fireplace…use it!
    Also, invite all of your friends who don’t have fireplaces over if you’re anticipating a power outage.
  2. Finally start reading that book you’ve been wanting to read for years!
    No better time than the present!
  3. Draw or paint
    Come on…let those creative juices flow…
  4. Write a letter to someone special
    Just like the old days, use a quill to make it more romantic.
  5. Board games/cards!!!
    30 seconds? Go fish? There’s nothing better than a game night with your friends or family.
  6. Make a cocktail…or two!
    Weekday? Weekend? Don’t worry about it…go on and treat yourself.
  7. How about a good old-fashioned braai?
    Nothing beats cooking over charcoal
  8. Clean your home
    Grab the mop and buckets…no more excuses!
  9. Have a dance party with your friends!
    Crank your favorite tunes off the iPod and don’t forget flashlights and candles. Start jumping on the couches and let the party begin!
  10. Just go to sleep
    Enjoy the fact that you can’t set your alarm anyway, and sleep the time away. You’ll feel better after eight, ten, or sixteen hours of sleep, and maybe then the power will be restored! If not, just start over with this list all over again!

A big thanks to buzzfeed.com for the inspiration!

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